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Guide to Selce

Be sincere and do your best.

This is the motto of Selce.


All the things we import are things that we like and eat every day.

It's not just something that's good to look at like a souvenir, or something that's just rare, but something that's high quality, really delicious, and something that enriches our daily lives.

We check with our own tongue, nose and eyes what we want and what we are satisfied with, visit producers, check food safety, carefully select, import and provide.

Selce Meaning:

Selce means "sparrow" in Turkish. It is a beneficial bird that is always close to people, heals them with its cute appearance, and eats pests in fields and paddy fields.

Like the little sparrows you see everywhere, it's not flashy and doesn't show up, but thanks to that, my life is enriched... I would be happy to become such a company.

Corporate name

Selche Co., Ltd.

Business content

Import, wholesale and retail of Turkish food and wine


October 28, 2005


9.5 million yen


Director Mete Reshat Kupchu

MD Mete Reşat KÜPÇÜ

head office

4-6-1-603 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


1-15-4-101 Kitamagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo

​TEL 03-3774-4333

​Representative greeting


Director Mete Reshat Kupchu
Born in Niksar, a mountain town near the Black Sea in Turkey.
After staying in Izmir on the Aegean coast for seven years, he came to Japan in the summer of 2004.
My hobby is cooking Turkish home cooking.

My motivation for starting this company is simple. When I first came to Japan, I couldn't find what I wanted to eat, so I decided to import it myself. Only this.

But this alone doesn't look good, so I'll continue a little more.

Turkey has been at the forefront of history since the time of the Bible, and is a land where various cultures were born and developed, as evidenced by many ruins. It is also a very pro-Japanese country.

However, many Japanese do not know much about Turkey.People often ask me, "What language do you speak in Turkey?" Some people ask me, "Where is Turkey?"

When asked what they know about Turkey, they answered "kebab", "Turkish ice cream", "Istanbul", "soccer"... I was once taken aback when I was told that it was “Turkish rice,” which had nothing to do with Turkey.

Real Turkey has a culture that has been accumulated since ancient times, and the ingredients that support Turkish cuisine, one of the three major cuisines in the world, are originally of very high quality, nurtured in the rich earth.

However, unfortunately, not many high-quality products are currently exported abroad, and only products of reasonable quality, low prices, and affordable prices are exported, creating an image of Turkish products in other countries, including Japan. It may be dead.

But Turkey is not a cheap country. I would like many people here in Japan, with whom I have had a connection, to know about the wonderfulness of products from my homeland, Turkey.

We only serve delicious food that I personally would like to eat, that is of good quality and produced by a company that I can trust.

Although the world is changing rapidly every day, we will continue to operate without forgetting to be grateful for various encounters and events so that we can convey the charm of Turkey to everyone in Japan through Turkish food without changing this attitude. I think

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